Giving Back

Giving back is really important to me. 25% of all my profits are donated. I try to help local organizations as well as international organizations. Here are four organizations I am supporting this year. Here is some information about these organizations if you also want to support them.

Union Station Homeless shelter

Homelessness is a huge problem in Los Angeles. When I heard about Union Station Homeless shelter, I was really glad to find out that they were close to where we lived. Over the past six years I have had the opportunity to volunteer there, and I am really impressed by what a great job they are doing in helping the community.

Another thing I appreciate about this organization is how flexible the volunteer opportunities are, for a mom like me juggling between kids and work. When I could not come in person, we as a family could just make sack lunches at home and bring it to them. This has helped my kids understand their privilege and the importance of helping others.

Planned Parenthood

As a woman it is really important to me help other women.

White Helmet

Shaukat Khanum Memorial hospital